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Jennifer Sellsted
Fine Art | Pyrography

When thinking of the word “fire”, one might instinctively relate this to destruction.  I use fire to create fine art, straying from the historical form of beautifying everyday objects.  Pyrography is an ancient art form and my style respects the tradition of its monochromatic tones.  As a self-taught artist, I honed my skills by scrutinizing the relationship between medium and instrument.  My process explores the natural fingerprint of the wood grain compared to my burn design, and whether I choose to pursue a synergy between the two or a duality. My influence is the act of living and all the wonderment, beauty, and at times macabre that it brings; thus having no boundaries when selecting my subject matter.


I have an artistic style that is visceral and nostalgic.

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My artwork is an exploration and honoring of my experiences and emotions.

Thank you for your interest! Please watch your Inbox for updates.

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