My name is Jennifer Sellsted & I am a pyrography artist that creates collections of fine art & custom orders.  I live in Calgary (proud to be born & raised!) with my husband, daughter & dog. 

Pyrography/wood burning is the process of applying fire to a surface to create a design.  This is my relationship with the art form...

Whether I'm taking the dog for a walk around the pond, wandering through the trees, or exploring somewhere I've never been before...the best way to describe myself is with this definition...


Werifesteria (v.) to wonder longingly through the forest in search of mystery.  

I love to let my imagination run wild & it is through this freedom that inspiration strikes. 



Imagination & inspiration go hand in hand for the creation of my art.

I have always been creative.  Though growing up, that outlet changed with the seasons.  It was in 2015 that I found an art form that changed me from a hobbyist into an artist: Pyrography.

I began by making monogram signs on natural wood slices. Simple designs that required simple skills...or so I thought.  I noticed immediately that unequivocal focus was required, if I wanted to achieve results.  With determination & ambition, I continued to explore the art form, challenging myself with every new project.  All the while, using pyrography just as a creative outlet.

It was in 2017 that a traumatic event  made me appreciate pyrography on a deeper level.  It became a way to clear my mind. like meditation, which helped me to cope .

Therapy by fire

From that point on, I have created collections of fine art inspired by personal experiences & emotions. 

In 2020 my artwork titled "Flowerpot Island" was featured in Pyrography Magazine. An achievement  I am overjoyed by!

About the  


While I have burned on a variety of canvases, my favorite  surface to create fine art on is untreated maple .  I have an inventory of varying sizes, & start by selecting the one that best suits the design I have created & sand it smooth. 


Next I sketch the bare bones of the design onto the wood.  This acts as a basic guideline & allows the creative freedom to freehand as desired.  


On my  


I use a tool made by a Canadian company, Razertip, called the Razertip SK that has an adjustable heat dial & uses fixed pens.  Each pen tip is a different shape which creates a different effect.

Hand placement, pressure, speed, & the temperature all factor into the outcome of every burn mark. 

I love to use shading to create depth & dimension, & often play with different techniques to create texture.  

Planning is key, at the onset & even before each session because once a burn is made there's really no taking it back!


finished artwork

Each completed artwork is sealed with at least two coats of a clear satin finish on all sides.  This process is completely transformative & is one of my absolute favorite moments!  Sealant  brings the burn to life, protects it from the elements, & prevents fading. 

I use a local company for my framing needs.  As someone who works a 9-5 with interior designers, this is a really fun step for me being in the driver's seat!   With so many options to choose from, I take the time to select a frame that matches perfectly with the theme & style of the artwork, whether it be for an individual piece or multiple in a collection. 

Artwork I've created using live edge basswood has already been framed by mother nature.  For these, I provide the option of wall hangers.