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Jennifer has been a pyrography artist for 10 years, creating in her home studio in Calgary, Alberta.  Since a young age, she has been artistic, exploring a variety of 2D and 3D mediums throughout her life.  It wasn’t until 2013 that Jennifer found her true passion.  Once she discovered pyrography, she became completely transfixed by its unique and complex art form.  Being completely self-taught, she navigated its dynamics with tenacity and fascination; developing a style that is visceral and nostalgic.

While Jennifer has burned onto different surfaces such as bone, leather, and wood, hard maple is preferred.   Because maple is slower to burn, it requires patience and never disappoints on the level of character it aids in creating. 

Her artwork is an exploration and honoring of her experiences and emotions. Inspiration may come from a lonely boat bobbing in a shroud of fog, marveling at the highest tides in the world, or a personal cancer diagnosis.  Inspiration and imagination fuse into the scene she wants to create, the bare bones of which are sketched onto the chosen surface as a general guideline.  Jennifer’s creative process involves untreated wood and a burning tool that attaches to fixed pens. 

The machine itself has an adjustable heat dial and each pen tip has a unique shape to create a different effect.  Hand placement, pressure, speed, and temperature all factor into the outcome of each burn mark. Because they cannot be erased or covered over, every burn mark is predetermined and made with intention.  She carefully brushes a sealant onto each completed piece to protect it from the elements and prevent fading.  This process brings the finished burn to life.  Each becomes an artwork that is unique, full of texture and emotion of its own. 

Jennifer’s work can be found in private collections across Canada.  One of her works entitled “Flowerpot Island” was included in the 2020 edition of Pyrography Magazine.  Her body of work entitled “The Great Unknown” was featured in an Art Therapy case study in 2022.  She was also a featured artist in The Virtual Art Gallery 2022 through Wellspring Calgary. 

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