two weeks in the east coast

These artworks are not available until the collection is complete



Dimensions:  12.5 x 15" (32 x 38 cm)


Custom frame:  Outer is genuine leather, inner is oxidized metal


Burned by hand on maple, sealed with a clear satin finish

In 2019, I vacationed with my family in Nova Scotia.  It was my first time out East &, being born & raised in Calgary, with the Rockies for my backyard, I was in awe of this province!

One day, we'd driven South to Cape Forchu to see their apple core-style lighthouse.  Of all the gorgeous heat & sun we'd been spoiled with so far, today at the Cape it was foggy & misty.  It was pretty awesome actually.  I felt like I was in a Stephen King novel.  At one point I imagined The Mist.  I was standing on the shore, looking out at the ocean & there was only a wall of grey clouds. Breaching the shore & crawling up the rocks onto land.  And it was quiet

At the base of the lighthouse, I stood on a dock.  There was a lonely sailboat floating in the still waters being swallowed by the fog.  

Once home from the trip, I was brimming with inspiration &   couldn't wait to start a collection of artwork based on my trip.  And of the mountain of pictures I took, the lonely boat was at the top of the list.  I used a zoomed in version of my reference & only traced the boat onto the wood.  

I started off thinking I'd replicate the photo, but I wasn't long into burning that a vision came to me:  a scene of storm clouds, pouring rain & choppy water.  

This collection was inspired by an amazing two weeks I spent in Nova Scotia with my family during the summer of 2019. Having never been to the East Coast, it was a fortnight packed with exploration & delicious food. These different experiences sparked the idea for an artwork, each telling a story transformed by my imagination. 


Flowerpot Island


Dimensions:  28 x 16" (71 x 40 cm)


Custom frame:  Outer is genuine leather, inner is oxidized metal


Burned by hand on maple, sealed with a clear satin finish

This is the 2nd in the collection & was inspired by the amazing time I spent at Burntcoat Head National Park, location in Noel.


I had no idea what to expect from this day trip...naughty Canadian, I hadn't heard of Burntcoat before.  We timed the trip to arrive during low tide.


Upon arriving, we passed a charming lighthouse (which we explored later), & began following a path.  This path turned into a staircase...a staircase which at the bottom were steps carved from the stone themselves.  As far as adventuring goes, we're off to an amazing start!

What lays at the bottom is Flowerpot Island, one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my entire life!  As someone who loves to explore this was my Disney Land. 


We spent 2.5 hours walking around the island.  We would've stayed longer but there are strict rules because of the tide & everyone has to leave safely ahead of the tide coming in.  Fun fact, Burntcoat has the highest tides in the world. 


It goes without saying this was the inspiration for the artwork I created.  As a self-taught artist, this was a big learning curve & untertaking for me.  But I love a challenge & making this artwork took me back to Burntcoat every time I worked on it.  It was wonderful.


I pieced together 3 photos as a reference & was fortunate to have taken so many photos to ensure I got all the nooks & crannies as accurate as possible. 


I am also proud to say that this piece was featured in the 202 edition of Pyrography Magazine.  So greatful!  

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